Blake Strongflank – Beta Download

blake strongflank

Blake Strongflank, a fun and rage inducing Super Meatboy-esque hardcore action platformer, has you using your precision platforming skills as you make your way though increasingly deviously designed dungeons (while dying a lot!)

You play Blake Strongflank, someone who is trapped in a strange dungeon full of rooms of dangers. In an attempt to escape, you are trying to make it to the end of each room to see where you end up. These rooms don’t seem to be in order, jumping between the hundreds of rooms in the dungeon, but each one brings you new challenges to face.

Blake Strongflank sees you avoiding toxic waste, hot pipes, and spinning blades to make it to the exit. Each room is a new puzzle that you will have to figure out by jumping around obstacles and using precision timing. If you do happen to hit a pipe or toxic water, your character will turn a different color and die. If you hit the spinning blades, you will die in a shower of pixel blood – basically, if you hit anything that’s not a wall or a platform, you’re dead meat!

Much like Super Meatboy, Blake Strongflank’s fast paced, challenging gameplay can really get you hooked. It may not be terribly original, but with 90 levels so far, there’s already enough challenge and platforming to keep you playing for a long time!

Note: Wall jumping works with the left stick or left/right arrow keys only. You DO NOT need to use the jump button to wall jump.

Download Blake Strongflank Here (Win & Mac)