Blamyvog – Alpha Demo

Blamyvog is a light hearted ScI-Fi point and click adventure game which follows two rather inept scientists who find themselves trapped on an alien planet.

In Blamyvog you follow the adventure of two hydrogeologists who are on an expedition to explore the underground waters of a distant planet called Blamyvog. However the pair soon end up stranded after driving their rover into an acid lake. You now need to use your wits (and whatever isn’t nailed down) to save the rover and continue your mission.

Blamyvog really impresses with it’s stylish low poly visuals, interesting setting and intuitive UI, but it’s the writing and the characters that will really make you fall in love with the game. It has a similar playfully silly sense of humor as the classic Lucasarts point and click games. The puzzles are extremely well designed too, requiring real brain-work rather than just randomly combining objects.

It’s a very impressive game that harkens back to the days of the classic Lucasarts adventures, but also has plenty of fresh new ideas of its own. It’s a lot of fun and (perhaps most importantly) you really enjoy spending time with the characters. See if you can save them from being stranded on Blamyvog!

Download the Blamyvog Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)