Blasphemous – Beta Demo

Blasphemous is a beautifully animated and very brutal 2D action platforming metroidvania with skill based combat, Soulsian elements and a non-linear dark gothic world.

Currently in development by The Game Kitchen (creators of The Last Door), Blasphemous is a brutal 2D metroidvania adventure with a sprawling gothic world that’s full of dark secrets. You take on the role of “The Penitent One”, a lone survivor of the “Silent Sorrow” massacre who is trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. You must free your cursed world from its terrible fate and in the process you’ll discover the root of your torment

Aside from having a cool pointy hat, your character is pretty handy with a blade. You have no shield or block button so attack is often the best form of defence, with you able to slide, parry, unleash combos and use an assortment of powerful unlockable moves. Now and again you’ll also be able to pull off incredibly gory execution moves, giving you a little extra fervor (mana) and Tears of Atonement (souls/currency) as a bonus.

The demo build of Blasphemous will be available until the 1st of September and features a sizeable castle area to explore, filled with monsters, traps, secrets and loot. Not everyone’s out to kill you, there are a few helpful NPCs to meet along the way and one will even give you a hand in the climactic boss fight if you ask them nicely.

It’s an impressive game, with high quality pixel art animation, great world design, challenging enemies and fun skill-based combat. A brutal gothic action adventure with a great sense of atmosphere and lots to discover in its huge nonlinear levels. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Blasphemous Beta Demo Here (Only Available Until Sep 1st)