BLAST-AXIS – Beta Demo

BLAST-AXIS is a Sci-Fi six degrees of freedom third person shooter where you navigate a damaged facility on a distant moon and attempt to save it from extra-dimensional invaders.

The 6DoF movement of BLAST-AXIS is similar to the classic Descent and Forsaken games, but with the game played from a third person perspective rather than first person. It sees you controlling a defunct wrecking drone on a facility situated on a distant moon called Phobos. The facility has been severely damaged by an alien attack and now you must navigate the labyrinthine levels, collect upgrades, restore power to doors and save the moon from complete destruction.

The current build of BLAST-AXIS features three large levels and takes around an hour to play through. The visuals are beautiful and the 6DoF movement is fluid and easy to get to grips with. There’s a nice assortment of weaponry to pick up along the way and different types of enemy add a nice amount of variety.

Due to the nature of the game and the fact that you have no way of knowing what way is “Up”, it can be easy to get lost sometimes (a way of highlighting objectives would be handy). Other than that it’s a very promising game though, with fun combat and interesting environments to explore. A great take on the often forgotten six degrees of freedom shooter well worth taking for a spin.

Download The BLAST-AXIS Beta Demo Here (Steam)