Blast Brawl 2 – Alpha Demo

Blast-Brawl-2 game

Blast Brawl 2, created by Mindseye Games, is a fun, fast paced local co-op (and single player) action brawler that shuns long-winded button mashing, over bearing combos and super moves in favor of  high stakes one-hit-kills and lots and lots of blood (particles).

This current Alpha demo gives you access to three different classes, all of which have varying styles of combat skills. The Ninja is fast, nimble and can use a cloaking device for a short amount of time. The Sniper is long ranged and has a trip mine for those pesky players or bots that come to close. Then there’s the pirate, offering up close ranged combat with his trusty parrot and crazy bomb that changes the controls of the hit player. Each of these characters have their own strengths and weakness which makes gameplay unique each time.

The game offers several game modes, a tutorial, Versus mode (for PvP) and wave mode that pits yourself (with or without another player) up against 10 waves of rage inducing carnage that is bound to make you see red the whole way through. The character designs are amazing and controls work perfectly, making for an action packed brawler that’s great fun to play. The backdrops are dark and unsettling, but make your characters and the foreground pop due to their colours being brighter with added lights and lighting effects.

Blast Brawl 2 is a blast if you have another person with you to play it with, otherwise wave mode can be a little frustrating on your own. It’s a tricky, skill based brawler that gives you that good ol’ “one more try” disease over and over again.

Check out the Greenlight Page Here

Download or Play the Blast Brawl 2 Alpha Demo Here (Win & Browser)