BLASTR – Alpha Demo


BLASTR is a charming, futuristic and funny 3rd person acton adventure set in a world built of robots, by robots, for robots.

The Alpha Demo features a fun 10 minute section of the single-player story mode and a chaotic 4 multiplayer battle arena mode.  In the story mode you’re introduced a vibrant world full of beautiful neon environments and colourful characters.  It’s a world where even doors and moving platforms can talk – often to great comedic effect.

Bearing in mind it’s only 3 months into development, it does still have some rough edges (the first section that you use the magnet can be irksome), but on the whole BLASTR is a blast.  A neon-filled adventure with a big heart, full of color, charm and laughs.

Watch our playthough HERE

Download the BLASTR Alpha Demo HERE