BLAWK – Game Jam Build Download

BLAWK is a wonderfully inventive little puzzle platformer about dealing with creative block, where you move your character by moving the actual game window!

Created for the GitHub Game Off 2019, in BLAWK you help guide a little chick (called Blawk) to overcome the various obstacles that are giving him creative block. You don’t control your character by traditional means however, in fact you don’t have direct control of Blawk at all – instead you move him around by moving the game window around the screen, causing him to roll, bounce and squish his way through the obstacles in his path.

It’s a wonderful little game with a nice narrative, charming pixel art visuals and incredibly inventive gameplay. The only downer is that it’s very short, but you’ll have a ball for the few minutes you spend with it. Highly recommended.

Note: 1920×1080+ Display Required

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download BLAWK Here (Windows)