Blazing Core – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Blazing Core is a tactical third person mech combat game that pits heavily armored mech knights against each other in 3v3 team based battles.

In Blazing Core players can take control of a variety of diverse mechs and face off in 3v3 battles. There are currently six different mechs on offer, each of which has its own stats and unique special abilities, ranging from the massive tank-like Gregor mech to the fast and agile Cordelia mech. As you progress you’ll unlock new weapons and upgrades that will allow you to customize your mechs to better suit your playstyle.

The gameplay is a bit like a MOBA, with you best off sticking to your mech’s strengths and working as a team to defeat your opponents. The mechs move fairly slowly so it makes for a more tactical combat experience than most third person shooters.

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Blazing Core Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!