Bleed-Off – Student Project Download

bleed off

Bleed-Off is a cool first person horror with a grimy 80’s video nasty vibe, complete with VHS tracking effects, B-Movie monsters and awesome 80’s infused soundtrack.

Created by 6 students at Vancouver Film School, Bleed-Off has you playing the sole survivor of a capsized fishing vessel who comes across an oil rig which you believe to be your salvation.  Unfortunately it soon becomes apparent that something catastrophic has happened on the rig and all the crew have been killed by freaky oil monsters which are now roaming around.

The oil monsters aren’t as terrifying as they could be, but they certainly look like VHS-era horror monsters and you really don’t want to tangle with them!  To make thinks worse, you were injured when your fishing boat sank, and must constantly use one of your hands to compress the wound or you’ll bleed out.  This isn’t always possible though as some tasks (such as climbing ladders) require you to use both hands, adding a sense of urgency to the proceedings as you try and conserve as much blood as possible.

Taking around 30 minutes to complete, Bleed-Off couldn’t really be described as terrifying, it’s more of a tense, tongue-in-cheek homage to 80’s direct-to-video horror movies.  A fun oil-based video nasty.

Download Bleed Off HERE (Controller Recommended)