Bleeding Edge Software – Game Jam Build Download

Bleeding Edge Software is a mysterious and strange puzzle game that acts like an average decision based card game, until you end up with too many errors.

At first, when starting up Bleeding Edge Software, you think you are just going to be taking on the role of a programmer, making decisions to keep the different stats at the top of the screen balanced. You know the type – where you can’t forget to rest or eat, but still need to work on your code.

This game has a direct route it wants you to take – so you may have to tinker around with it to figure out the story it is trying to give you, but once you have selected a flow of answers, you will find the cards are bugged, the game doesn’t make any sense anymore, and soon you are wondering who or what you even are. You are still trying to keep your resource bar high, but often it’s hard to even figure out what is affecting that bar, or if it really even matters after all.

Then, Bleeding Edge Software gets even more complex, as it starts putting you into puzzle-based games, with no explanation, hoping you can figure it out before moving onto the next bit. You’ll find various versions of snake and platforming around to be ways to communicate with whatever is going on in this software, and each time you fail, you are stuck restarting, trying to determine what you did wrong.

Bleeding Edge Software has a big feeling of mystery, intrigue, and curiosity, as your bugs seem to take over and make the world a strange place. It is the sort of game that pulls you forward, even if you don’t really understand why or what is going on, because you are itching to find out more and complete whatever strange world you are currently in.

Download Bleeding Edge Software Here (Windows)