Blight – Alpha Demo

Blight is an 80’s horror movie inspired squad-based tactical action game where you command a group of five playable characters in a world ravaged by an eldritch biomaterial.

In Blight you will gather a gang of five survivors and attempt to save a world that’s been corrupted by an eldritch biomaterial unleashed via a portal to another world. You start off with one character and gather more as you make your way through the Blight-infested streets. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses and you can tell them how to behave.

Some of the group’s movement seems a little buggy at the moment, but it’s a very promising game with stylish isometric visuals and interesting multi-character gameplay. It feels a little like a more tactical take on 90’s classics like Cannon Fodder and Syndicate, with a healthy dose of 90’s horror charm.

Download The Blight Alpha Demo Here (Steam)