Blind Drive – Beta Demo

Blind Drive is a darkly comedic driving game where you race along roads with a blindfold on and use audio cues to help you avoid traffic!

In Blind Drive you take on the role of a hard-up young man who’s agreed to undergo a test in exchange for some cash. However, when you agreed to do the test you had no idea what it was and now you find yourself handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car with a blindfold over your eyes. To make matters worse, the car is accelerating and you have no brakes. Obviously these are less than optimal driving conditions, but it looks like that’s exactly what you’re going to have to do!

As you drive, you chat over the phone with a sadistic Jigsaw-esque psycho who has arranged your driving trip. He takes great delight in tormenting you, but he also gives you useful advice and driving tips. As you can’t see, you need to listen out for audio cues for incoming traffic and avoid (or hit) it as necessary. As the game progresses and you weave through traffic the narrative unfolds and takes some pretty wild twists that you wouldn’t see coming even without the blindfold on.

The Blind Drive Beta demo takes around 15 minutes to play thoroughly and is not only incredibly tense, but also genuinely laugh out loud funny. The voice acting and writing is superb and the sound design is excellent. Also, rather remarkably for a game where you’re essentially just turning left or right when traffic comes, the game manages to add a lot of variety to the gameplay – such as weird ice cream van power-ups and a road battle with some police cars. It makes for one hell of a ride and a very unique driving game. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Blind Drive Beta Demo Here (Steam)