BlindBlade – Game Jam Build Download

BlindBlade game

BlindBlade, a action game made for the Global Game Jam, sees you controlling a blind ninja who uses echolocation to track and kill his enemies!

You are a ninja who has no vision of the world around you. You can use sound waves to detect the enemies and threats that are around you though, with you sending sound waves out and watching as they turn orange after colliding with an enemy. As well as hidden sword wielding ninjas, sometimes enemies will keep their distance and throw things at you. You can either track down the person throwing items, or hit the items back in that direction.

You can dash to get out of trouble, attack with a bit of a slide towards where your attack is aimed or send out huge sound waves that show a bigger area. Your character also automatically blocks the first attack of someone that’s near you, though it takes a moment to recover, and that’s when you are most vulnerable.

The atmosphere in BlindBlade is one of mystery – you can hear your breathing deeply, but not see much around you until it’s very close. It is a real challenge to stay alive, fighting people you can hardly see, in a dark and claustrophobic area. See how long you survive with no sight against an onslaught of enemy swordsmen!

Download BlindBlade Here (Win Only)