Blink Dagger Z – Alpha Download

Blink Dagger Z is a fun little fast paced puzzle action platformer where you can throw your dagger and then teleport to wherever it lands.

In Blink Dagger Z you control a little helmeted gladiator as he makes his way through a series of enemy and puzzle-filled levels. You’re equipped with a little dagger that you can hurl at enemies then pull out to kill them, but you can also throw it to different areas in the level and instantly teleport to it.

It’s still early in development, but the core gameplay of Blink Dagger Z is a lot of fun and the puzzles offer a nice amount of challenge. The only irritation at the moment is that you can’t teleport into enemies to kill them – it seem like a missed opportunity and it really slows down the gameplay when you have to throw the dagger and retrieve it to kill enemies. It’s a fairly minor inconvenience though and it’s promising little teleporting puzzle platform well worth checking out.

Download The Blink Dagger Z Alpha Here (Windows)