Blink – Game Jam Build

Blink is a stylish little psychological narrative experience in which your inability to open up to those around you starts to manifest itself in a strange way.

In Blink you take on the role of a patient who is talking to his psychiatrist. It seems you have a peculiar condition – everybody in your life has disappeared. They’re not totally gone, you can feel their presence, but you can’t see them. The psychiatrist chats with you about the situation and asks probing questions about your life, often resulting in a flashback where you’ve failed to open up to those around you. You then search the area in the flashback and click on the objects that are emitting a noise to progress the narrative.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Blink is an interesting game that impresses with it’s first person hand drawn visual style and intriguing narrative. It’s a clever little game that makes explores the pitfalls of keeping yourself closed off from society – if you don’t let people into your life then they might just disappear!

Download Blink Here (Windows)