Blobius – Game Jam Build Download

Blobius is a simple, stylish and very addictive little arcade game where you attempt to blast blobs in an enclosed loop that bounces your bullets around until they hit something.

Created for Ludum Dare 47, in Blobius you control a little gun turret that can move around a circle, flip between the inside and outside surfaces and shoot bouncing bullets straight forward. You can shoot as many bullets as you like, but they will bounce around the loop until they hit something, including you, so you need to exercise a little caution.

The blobs come in different colors, each of which has a different type of behaviour – green blobs prefer to stay on the opposite side of the loop from you, red blobs stay on your side of the loop and the blue blobs float around inside the loop. Flipping to the outside of the loop is a good way to escape danger, but you can’t stay out there forever and the blobs will accumulate while you’re not blasting them.

It’s a great game that delivers a unique and very addictive twist on the classic arcade shooter. The visual style is fantastic and the soundtrack is very catchy. See how long you can survive in the ring of Blobius!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Blobius Here (Windows & Browser)