Block Party Sports – Alpha Demo

block party sports

Block Party Sports is a hilarious physics based sports game for one to four players, that see’s ridiculous rag doll sportsmen do battle across a variety of popular (and not so popular) sports.

The Alpha Demo features the Soccer gameplay mode, playable in single player, co-op, Vs and 4 player Vs.  You’re not going to get Fifa-levels of realism in Block Party Sports, but you are going to have a ton of fun.  Playing a little like Table Foosball, but without the bars attached, matches soon devolve into mayhem, with players flouncing around the pitch in chaotic disarray.

The full game will feature 8 ridiculous sports to play – Soccer, (American) Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Super Soccer, Pit Ball and Outlast.  We’re to too sure what the last three game modes entail, but there’s a high probability that neither will be a very authentic sporting simulation!

Check Out the Block Party Sports Greenlight Page HERE

Download the Block Party Sports Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)