Block Sport – Beta Sign Up

Block Sport is a fast, fun, futuristic combative team based ball sport that play like a blend of Rocket League and Speedball.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha, Block Sport is a multiplayer blend of ball sport and brutal combat that pits teams of ‘Skeletoonian’ gladiatorial robots against each other in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 matches. Each Skeletoonian characters has different weapons and attack styles too, and as you play the blocks that comprise their armor will get knocked off, exposing a weak electricity-based frame below.

You play with an oversized Rocket League-style ball but are able to use your weapons to shoot and slice the ball allows for a little more finesse than Psyonix’s release. It’s still early in development but Block Sport shows a lot of promise, with easily accessible multiplayer ball sports, snazzy visuals and a healthy dose of robot-on-robot violence. The Beta is launching today so sign up now to play ball and knock your opponent’s blocks off!

You Can Give Feedback on The Beta in the Official Discord Group Here

Sign Up For The Block Sport Open Beta Here (Steam)