Block Steady – Game Jam Build Download

Block Steady is a tricky little precision puzzle platformer where you attempt to destroy the entire level to leave you as the only thing remaining.

Created for the GMTK game jam, in Block Steady you control a cute little block who aims to be the last block standing on each single-screen level. The only blocks you can dispose of directly are the cloud blocks which disappear when you jump off them. The rest of the blocks can be destroyed via chain reactions that are initiated by killing an enemy that’s standing (or flying) on top of them. However, as the level is destroyed there is obviously less space to stand on so you need to plan your movements carefully to make sure you dispose of every single block.

With 16 cleverly crafted levels to play through, it’s a great little game with a fun fusion of puzzle solving and precision platforming. The pixel art visuals are beautifully animated and making an entire level disappear is quite a satisfying expereince!

Download or Play Block Steady Here (Win, Mac,Linux & Browser)