Block & White – Game Jam Build


Block & White is a short, challenging and very stylish platformer made for the QuaziJam 7, that bends light in unique ways as you switch between worlds of day and night.

As well as testing your platforming skills, Block & White challenges your memory, as each level is spread across two different worlds. One world is made of light and ruled by the sun while the other world is made of darkness and ruled by the moon. You must remember where platformers are from the world you are not in and take leaps of faith onto those platforms to make it to the end of the level. You also have to be especially careful as the platforms can also cast shadows, making them seem bigger or over in a different space to the one they are in.

Some platforms move and others fall, so you must make sure your jump is to the correct place. At night, your sight is increased while you jump, so that you can scout out the area before making your move forward. Little messages are also dotted around in the worlds, telling you about the struggle between the sun and moon. The sun surprisingly is the troublemaker, causing lots of problems for the moon and for you as well.

Block & White impresses with its stylish shadowy visuals and challenging dual world precision platforming gameplay.  A slick, surprising and stylish shadowy platforming adventure.

Play Block & White in your Browser Here