Blockade 3D – Beta Download (Steam)

blockade 3d

Blockade 3D is a fun Minecraft-inspired FPS with fully dynamic cubic worlds where you can build and destroy till your heart’s content.

Featuring a wide array of weaponry and lots of cool game-modes – including zombie mode and tank mode – and take place on huge, fully customisable maps with 32 players.  There seems to be quite a few voxel based shooters in the works at the moment (Blockstorm, Block N’ Load), but Blockade 3D feels like the most authentically Minecrafty one at the moment.

Still early in development, Blockade 3D does have a few rough edges (most notably the in-game shop, which you’re best off ignoring), but it’s a fun FPS with fast paced block on block action – block rocking first person brutality.

Download The Blockade 3D Beta HERE (Steam)