BLOCKPOST – Beta Download

BLOCKPOST is essentially Minecraft reimagined as a first person shooter, with fast paced run n’ gun combat in fully destructible procedurally generated voxel based maps.

Featuring 7 different game modes, 20 different locations and over 100 different types of weapons, BLOCKPOST is a fun blend of Minecraft-esque voxel based world modification and fast paced FPS combat. The game modes include three different sizes of Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Infection, Elimination and Shovel Battles, with players doing battle in fully deformable procedurally generated maps.

You start with a very basic loadout (a SMG, a handgun, a shovel and building blocks), but can unlock more weapons by completing tasks. It is a free-to-play game, so there are loot boxes that you can purchase, but you can also unlock lots of loot through play – and all of the equipment you unlock can be sold on the Steam Marketplace if you fancy cashing in. Your shovel can be used for bludgeoning an opponent to death if you wish, but it’s much more useful for digging through walls (much like the Pickaxe in Minecraft) and you can also easily build structures using your building blocks.

It may not be very original, but it’s a fun game, with fast paced and easily accessible run n’ gun first person combat that’s easy to pick up and play. Well worth checking out for some multiplayer block bashing warfare.

Download The BLOCKPOST Beta Here (Steam)