Blocksplode – Beta Demo

Blocksplode is a wonderfully destructive physics-based puzzler where you are tasked with demolishing block structures using strategically placed explosives.

In each level of Blocksplode you’re presented with a block-based structure that’s standing in a little pool of water. Your aim is to use dynamite to demolish the structures and get over a certain percentage of the blocks under the water line (and also get all of the grumpy blue blocks under the water). You only have a limited amount of explosives though so you’ll need to experiment with the placement to maximize your destruction.

The Blocksplode demo features a sizable chunk of gameplay with 18 levels and a level editor. The full game will also feature multiplayer and a variety of destructive physics-based minigames too. It’s a very promising game, with great in-game physics and it’s a lot of fun trying to figure out the optimal places to place your charges then watching as the carnage unfolds. A very satisfying bit of tower-topping physics-based fun.

Download The Blocksplode Beta Demo Here (Steam)