Blood Ancestors – Alpha Steam Key Giveaway

We have 100,000 Steam Alpha keys to give away for Blood Ancestors – a brutal melee and magic-focused first person arena combat game that allows you to transform into a demonic monster as you fight over possession of a powerful relic.

First featured on ABG last year, matches in Blood Ancestors take place between three factions – Light, Blood and Darkness. Each faction has unique characteristics in combat and is divided into six different archetypes (Rogue, Ranger, Knight, Warrior, Healer and Mage). The factions do battle, with each kill channelling blood towards the Blood Relic in the center of the map.

Once the relic is filled with blood then players can activate it, transforming them into a huge demonic Blood Ancestor for the remainder of the match. They then have to successfully invade the enemy base to win.

It’s a promising game, that offers a fun fantasy twist on multiplayer arena combat and has matches that always finish in spectacular fashion as the Blood Ancestors are unleashed. To claim your Steam Alpha key, simply carry out any three actions in the widget below and the key will appear instantly!

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Blood Ancestors Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!