Blood Ancestors – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!

Blood Ancestors Steam Key Giveaway

Blood Ancestors is an impressive Unreal Engine 4 powered first person multiplayer medieval fantasy arena fighter that blends RPG elements with fast paced modern melee, magic and projectile-based combat, as three factions fight for control of a powerful relic that’s protected by AI controlled monsters.

First featured in Alpha Beta Gamer back in June, Blood Ancestors offers a very different take on the first person arena shooter. In it you fight in teams of five, slaughtering your rivals and channelling their blood to activate the Blood Relic in the centre of the map. When the Blood Relic is fully charged you’ll be able to steal it and try to carry it back to your Portal, but it will also cause the Blood Ancestors to spawn – bloodthirsty AI controlled monsters that are charged with protecting the Relic.

You can choose from one of three factions (Light, Blood and Darkness), each of which have six different archetypes (Knight, Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Rogue and Healer) that can each be configured by choosing from a selection of defensive, offensive and utility skills. This allows you to tailor your characters to your play style, from getting up close and personal for some melee-based action or hanging back and picking players off with well placed projectiles.

It’s a fun looking game, with fast paced multiplayer combat that has lots of tactical variety and a cleverly implemented distraction in the form of the AI controlled Blood Ancestors that are sure to shake up the gameplay and make for a satisfying climax to each battle. We have 400 Blood Ancestors Steam Alpha Keys to Giveaway! To claim your Key, simply use the widget below to join the Blood Ancestors Discord Group, then perform any 2 other actions and your key will appear in the widget instantly. The devs are very keen to hear feedback, so feel free to drop by the Discord Group anytime and say hi!

Blood Ancestors Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!