Blood Bath Bay – Alpha Demo

Blood Bath Bay is a deep sea horror adventure that sees you searching through its murky waters for a zombification cure while fending off the massive sea monsters that lurk there.

Currently in development by the creator of Astrocreep and Aquacreep, in Blood Bath Bay you take control of a deep sea diver who dives to the bottom of the sea in search of glowing sea snails that his fellow researchers plan to use as a cure for a zombie outbreak. The pleasantly named “Blood Bath Bay” that you’re diving in isn’t the safest place to go exploring though – as there are some particularly nasty aquatic monsters that will eat you if you get too near.

The majority of the monsters are mutated versions of fish, such as sharks, dolphins, rays and angler fish. They can usually be taken down by four good shots with your harpoon gun, but ammo is scarce and a lot of the time they’ll grab you before you have time to get four shots out.

Blood Bath Bay is still early in development so does have plenty of rough edges and it can be easy to get lost in the murky depths, but it has a great sense of atmosphere and the sea monsters are very cool. A creepy deep sea adventure well worth diving into.

Note: The sea snail collecting is an optional objective. There are three main paths through the map that lead to the same ending (the full game will have multiple endings).

Download The Blood Bath Bay Alpha Demo Here (Windows)