Blood Field – Alpha Demo

Blood Field is a tense and terrifying first person horror adventure that draws from Vietnamese folklore as you uncover the tragic truth about the death of a young expectant mother.

In Blood Field you step into the shoes of a Minh, as he explores an area around a sinister field and unravels the tragic story of an expectant mother. It seems the mother was following the instructions of a local shaman, who was giving her instructions for a ceremony that will allow her to give birth to a healthy son. However, it seems something went wrong, with news reports that the father murdered the mother. As you venture further into the field you’ll learn what really happened.

The demo build of Blood Field takes around ten minutes to play through and is a remarkably unsettling experience. Some of the environmental detail outside of the cabins isn’t the highest of quality, but it’s effective and genuinely terrifying at points. It’s not often that Vietnamese folklore is seen in games (or movies), so it makes for a nice change and it’ll be interesting to see how its tragic story develops from here.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Blood Field Alpha Demo Here (Steam)