Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed – Beta Demo

Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed is a very fast paced and bloody roguelite FPS where you set out to destroy Hell.

In Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed Hell has been unleashed on your world and an endless apocalypse has commenced. What this entails is you blasting hordes of monsters and exploring ruined sections of land that rise from the ground.

The enemies are fast and attack in numbers, but you have some pretty devastating weaponry (especially your Q & E attacks) and a cool slide. Also, as you progress you can select random upgrades for your character and guns.

It’s an addictive game with a great style, tons of blood, beefy weapons and a real challenge. Jump in for some bloody good fun!

Download The Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed Beta Demo Here (Steam)