Blood Nova – Beta Demo

Blood Nova is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi fantasy point and click adventure that follows the heir to a powerful galactic empire after an assassination attempt leaves her stranded on an interstellar lighthouse.

In Blood Nova you follow the story of Princess Love, a resourceful (and a little irresponsable) princess who is due to ascend to the throne of her mother’s empire soon. Unfortunately there’s a group of conspirators with other ideas, and they’ve attempted to kill her before she takes the throne. Luckily the princess has survived the assassination attempt, but it now leaves her stranded on an interstellar lighthouse filled with dead bodies. She and her trusty protector, Kel Yakkavan, must now find a way to fix things and find a way off the lighthouse.

Blood Nova is a pixel art point and click adventure but it’s quite different from the likes of the Lucasarts and Sierra classics. It’s much more of a narrative-focused experience and the beautiful single scene environments are more akin to a Moebius-esque comic book than any of Guybrush’s pirate adventures. The writing is also excellent, with a real feeling of long-term friendship between Love and Kel, and lots of great descriptions of objects in the environment. It makes for a very unique point and click adventure that immerses you in its unique Sci-Fi fantasy universe.

Download The Blood Nova Beta Demo Here (Steam)