Blood of Steel – Open Beta

Blood of Steel is a Dynasty Warriors/Mount and Blade-esque medieval melee combat take on the MOBA genre, which sees you charging into battle with a troop of soldiers at your command.

In Blood of Steel players face off in 7v7 battles where the aim is to wipe out the enemy or capture an area in the middle of the map. Each player takes control of a different iconic hero from world history, each with their own unique skills and fighting styles. Combat is melee focused, but you have throwing weapons too and some heroes specialise in ranged weapons.

Being a good fighter is only half of the battle though – you also have to be a good general. You have a troop of soldiers who follow you into battle and you can command them to carry out specific orders and use special tactics that can help turn the tide of the battle.

It’s a fun game with satisfying combat and huge fights as rival troops clash. Considering the amount of carnage that’s going on in the battlefield, Blood of Steel is remarkably easy to pick up and play and feels a lot like a Dynasty Warriors MOBA. Any players that reach level 20 during the Beta period before the game released on January 9th will earn a special reward (a skin unlock and 20 talent orders).

Download The Blood of Steel Beta Here (The Demo is the Open Beta)