Blood Pressure – Alpha Demo

Blood Pressure is a stylish pixel art metroidvania adventure where you bleed on your enemies to kill them!

We previously featured a game jam build of Blood Pressure that was created for Ludum Dare and it was a fun little game, but the dev is now fleshing it out into a fully fledged metroidvania adventure. In the game you end up trapped in a dungeon with no weapon, but you do have one handy trick up your sleeve – you can point your arm at enemies and bleed on them.

Spraying blood at your enemies kills them, but the blood loss also reduces your health so you need to keep recharging it or you’ll run out of “ammo” and die the next time you get hit. You can recharge your blood at any-time just by ducking, but it takes time and it can leave you vulnerable in the heat of battle. This duck-to-recharge mechanic works quite well but it does break up the flow of the gameplay a little so it could do with being refined a little.

The demo build of Blood Pressure takes around an hour to play through and features a vast sprawling dungeon filled with secrets, enemies and new routes that you unlock via the upgrades you find. As you explore you’ll also enter challenging kill rooms where you have to defeat waves of enemies to escape from.

It’s a very promising game with some excellent world design, stylish pixel art visuals and challenging action platforming gameplay. The blood-as-ammo concept is a lot of fun as it requires you to constantly prioritize between health and combat. It’s particularly nice to see the walls and floss of the dungeon get coated with your blood and the blood of your enemies, turning the dungeon into a blood-splattered multi-colored masterpiece!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Blood Pressure Alpha Demo Here (Windows)