Blood Pressure – Game Jam Build

Blood Pressure is a challenging single screen arcade game that sees you spraying your own blood at goblins and monsters to kill them.

In Blood Pressure you play as a small white creature who has quite a lot of blood to spare. The issue is, this blood is used to make double jumps and attack monsters, who have no consideration for the time you need to replenish. You recharge your blood while crouching but are unable to shoot enemies, so you’ll need to time this effectively.

To make matters more chaotic, coins appear and float across the top of the screen, challenging you to get four of them before you can move onto the next level. These levels change the layout of the environment, forcing you to adapt after you have gotten used to the one you are currently in. Despite being a game full of squirting blood, Blood Pressure is very nice to look at, with the monster’s colorful blood mixing with yours to create a rainbow splash along the floor. The rest of the game is black and white, making it quite nice to see and not at all gory.

It does take a bit of patience and planning to get through the levels of Blood Pressure – you need to balance blasting enemies with conserving blood. Either way, the environment starts to look pretty cool as your blood and the remains of the enemies spray all over the place!

Play or Download Blood Pressure Here(Win, Mac & Linux)