Blood Reminds – Beta Download

Blood Reminds is a first person thriller puzzle adventure where you are a half-vampire who can relive the final moments of recently deceased people’s lives and do things that alter the present.

In Blood Reminds you follow the adventure of a young half-vampire noblewoman called Elizabeth. She’s recently returned to the palace that her family lived in and found that it’s in ruins and everyone is dead. She now needs to make her way through the palace and piece together what happened there.

You have a very handy vampyric ability that helps you in your investigation of the palace – you can use the blood of the dead bodies you find to allow you to relive the final moments of those people. Not only do you relive the moment, but you can perform actions that change what happened. You can’t prevent the person from dying but you may be able to prevent a structure from collapsing or drop a ladder which will aid you in the present time.

The voice acting and writing could do with a little work, but other than that Blood Reminds is a very impressive experience. The narrative is very intriguing, the visuals are great and the level design is excellent. The way you travel back into the final memories of the deceased is particularly creative and it’s a lot of fun seeing how your actions in them affect the present. A cleverly crafted puzzle adventure where the dead are your allies.

Download The Blood Reminds Beta Here (Windows)