Blood Running – Beta Download

Blood Running is a single-player pixel art Sci-Fi extraction shooter where you venture into dangerous cyber-wastelands, collect loot and uncover the lore of a ruined world.

Currently in development by Dead Unicorn (creator of Return), in Blood Running you are a Blood Runner who is tasked with collecting resources from the hostile wastelands outside of a fortress city. You’ll explore procedurally generated wastelands, blast bandits and monsters, collect loot, discover new locations, complete quests and uncover secrets. As you progress you’ll be able to build your own little base, unlock permanent buffs and modify your weapons to suit your style.

It’s an interesting world Dead Unicorn has created, with a lived-in post-apocalyptic feeling and plenty of lore to discover. The pixel art animation is excellent and it’s got a satisfying gameplay loop of, combat loot collecting and base building. Jump in now to run with the Blood Runners.

Check Out Blood Running On Steam Here

Download The Blood Running Beta Here (Windows)