Blood Typers – Alpha Demo

Blood Typers is a third person survival horror adventure that’s played entirely by using your keyboard to type out commands.

Playable in single-player or co-op, Blood Typers is a typing-based survival horror game where you attempt to escape from a monster-infested movie studio campus. It’s a little like Typing of The Dead, but with much more control of your character.

You can rotate your character with the arrow keys and you can rotate the screen with the shift keys, but all other commands are done by typing the words you see on-screen. You type the short three letter words to move in that direction, you type the words that appear on enemies to attack them and you type specific commands such as “/eat sandwich” to collect or use inventory items.

Your enjoyment of Blood Typers will largely depend on how competent your typing skills are, but it could have the benefit of actually improving them too. It does feel a little clunky and it’s obviously much slower paced than the likes of Resident Evil, but it’s a fun concept that can get pretty tense as you furiously type while a zombie charges at you. See if it’s your type of survival horror!

Download The Blood Typers Alpha Demo Here (Steam)