Blood Will Be Spilled – Alpha Demo

blood will be spilled

Blood Will Be Spilled is a quirky, western side-scrolling shooter where you play as a bounty hunting mosquito named Jack looking to take his revenge on the lowlifes that shot him and left him for dead.

Blood Will Be Spilled shares its setting with the children’s cartoon Santa Bugito, but brings a more adult, contemporary style to the concept of “cowboys and insects”. The game’s narrative is recounted primarily through a series of gorgeous, fully voice-acted, motion-comic cutscenes. The in-game art blends together simplistic hand-drawn animations with a more painterly style for its backgrounds, faithfully recreating that distinctly gritty feel of western movie classics.

Blood Will Be Spilled moves you through a series of basic shooting sections, asking you to aim and fire at enemies while taking cover or, if you prefer, sneaking up behind enemies and sucking their blood. Developers also promise a variety of play styles (Good, Bad, and Ugly) in the full game, as well as the ability to suck blood to gain specific powers and perform gun tricks to stack up impressive kill-chain bonuses. As it stands now, however, there is definitely some room for improvement when it comes to aiming your gun. Using the right analog stick to aim doesn’t feel natural since the aiming resets to neutral if you aren’t holding the analog stick in the direction of fire.  Curiously, the developers also sought to include a few platforming sections that feel oddly out of place with the slow jump animations and floaty controls. Never the less, with some minor tweaks to combat and jumping, Blood Will Be Spilled has the potential to be a superbly fun, highly-strategic gaming experience, especially for those with a fondness for Clint Eastwood and revenge westerns.

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Download The Blood Will Be Spilled Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)