BLOODGORE – Alpha Download

Bloodgore game download

BLOODGORE is a super brutal top down hack n’ slash roguelike in which you and your skeleton buddy slice your way through massive swarms of demonic monsters.

BLOODGORE doesn’t bother with such niceties as easing the player into the action – it’s tough from the get go. You’re given a character that you can add different stat increases to, altering the physical attributes of your character dramatically. You have standard attributes such as speed, health and stamina but there are also ones that increase the amount of weapons you carry or the quality of weapons you find. It’s best to try and create a fairly well balanced character as each of the attributes is important – a deficiency in any one of them will be noticed.

After creating your character you venture out into the randomly generated game world and start hacking your way through the hordes of enemies. There’s a nice variety of demonic enemies to slice up, all with unique attacks, often scattered around the game world at first then amass in huge numbers at a point before the end of the level.

The weapons in BLOODGORE get damaged and break over time, so it’s best to pick up as many as your stats will allow. There’s good selection of weapons to grab on your travels, best of which is the ’Key Sword’ which not only allows you to do massive damage but also be used to open the gate at the exit of the level. You have an invincible little skeleton buddy who assists you in combat too, happily slicing away at demons as you dodge their attacks.

BLOODGORE is still early in development but the core gameplay is already great fun, with stylish pixel art visuals and hardcore hack n’ slash roguelike combat as you strive against near-insurmountable odds. Bloody good fun.

Note: Your stats are very important, try to create reasonably balanced characters or you’ll perish pretty quickly. Also, pick up weapons by hovering the mouse over it and pressing ‘E’

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The BLOODGORE Alpha Here (Windows)