Bloodless – Beta Demo

Bloodless is a stylish samurai action adventure about a ronin who refuses to use a sword, and instead uses non-lethal combat to disarm her enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2022, Bloodless is an action adventure where you use your enemies’ aggression against them. You are a ronin who has returned to her homeland of Bakuguwa to confront her past. To do so she’ll need to defeat her former allies – the samurai army of Shogun Akechi.

You are a skilled fighter, but you have sworn to never use a sword, and instead just use your bare fists to disarm your enemies. You do this by watching their movement and countering at the exact time. Some enemies go down easy, but some require multiple hits and some have unstoppable attacks. As you progress you’ll also meet old friends and learn new skills that will aid your fight.

It’s got a very cool 1-bit(ish) visual style and the non-lethal counter-focused combat is a clever twist that adds a lot to the gameplay. It’s also got a genuinely interesting narrative and plenty of (reasonably friendly) characters to meet along the way too. Who’d thought fighting without fighting would be so much fun?

Download The Bloodless Beta Demo Here (Steam)