Bloodless – Tech Demo

Bloodless is a very stylish pixel art action adventure where you use counter-attacks to disarm your enemies and make them run away.

Drawing inspiration from Hyper Light Drifter, in Bloodless you’re a ronin who doesn’t actually kill her opponents and doesn’t even use a weapon. As you make your way through the beautiful Feudal Japan inspired world, enemies will try to attack you, but if you use your dash to counter at the correct time, you can disarm them and make them run away.

The game has a fairly wide counter window and attacks are well telegraphed so the combat’s easy to pick up, but it still offers a challenge when you come across multiple enemies. There are also tougher enemies with red attacks that can’t be countered, so you need to be wary of them.

If it’s going to be made into a longer game it could probably do with a few more unlockable combat options (ranged attacks, specials, etc), as it might get a little repetitive. The counter-based combat system is a lot of fun though and the pixel art animation is excellent. Well worth checking out for a bit of samurai-fighting fun.

Download The Bloodless Tech Demo Here (Windows)