BLOODRUSH – Alpha Demo


Ever played Super Meat Boy and thought ‘hmm this is just too easy’?  Don’t fear BLOODRUSH is here!  A super tough 2D action platformer that’s controlled entirely via your mouse!

The mouse based control system works remarkably well (once mastered), with you able to run, jump and wall jump at any angle you desire.  You start each level with 10 seconds on the clock, if this timer reaches zero, you’ll de and splatter blood everywhere (which is persistent, staining the level with blood).  There are coins scattered across the level that you can collect though, buying you a bit more time.  Even without worrying about the timer though, there are many other ways to die, with spikes and circular saws ready to cause instant death.

To say BLOODRUSH is super tough is a bit of an understatement, but it is also a strangely enjoyable and unique platforming experience.  The mouse based control system takes a little getting used to, but much like Super Meat Boy, it’s an addictive one-more-go gaming experience rewards perseverance and skill.

Note:  The first level in the Alpha Demo is particularly infuriating, but you can press ‘Esc’ at any time and select a different level.

Play The BLOODRUSH Alpha Demo HERE (windows Only)