Bloodshot Eyes – Beta Download

Bloodshot Eyes is a freaky Spanish horror game which sees you attempting to escape from an old abandoned house after a party.

In Bloodshot Eyes you wake up alone in a creepy old abandoned house that you and some friends were having a party in. Empty beer bottles and pizza boxes are lying all over the place, but there’s no sign of your friends, and all the windows are boarded up and the front door it locked tight. You now need to explore the house and search for a means of escape, but it seems like the previous occupants may still be around…

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Bloodshot Eyes is a well crafted little horror game with a tense atmosphere, some good scares and well implemented puzzles. The rechargeable flashlight that you find is a bit weak and annoying to constantly recharge, but other then that it’s an excellent game and there are some great little touches – such as the entire family’s names being palindromes, being able to play dance records and the way a couple of wooden statues keep changing positions. Highly recommended.

Note: At the moment you can play the majority of the game in English, but there are six notes that tell you the backstory that are all in Spanish. It doesn’t detract from the experience too much though and doesn’t affect any of the puzzles.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bloodshot Eyes Beta Here (Windows)