BLOODSHOT – Game Jam Build Download

BLOODSHOT is a very intense little first person shooter where you paint the pitch black surroundings with the blood of your enemies to allow you to see what’s around you!

In BLOODSHOT you find yourself in a pitch black arena with pitch black demonic monsters spawning around you. If you look carefully you can spot the monsters by their glowing red eyes and if you shoot them then their red blood splatters across the arena, highlighting any objects within it. This continues as you blast your way through 50 monsters, with the arena becoming more and more visible with all the blood that splatters across it. However this blood also awakens a huge demonic boss that will take some beating.

The sound FX for your gun are a little weak and the game is incredibly hard, but it’s a great concept and it’s a lot of fun painting the arena with the blood of your enemies. It would be nice to see it expanded on in the future as a full first person shooter adventure using these mechanics could be a blast – kinda like The Unfinished Swan, but with blood instead of paint!

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download BLOODSHOT Here (Windows)