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Bloodshot is a short and terrifying black and white first person horror/FPS in which you battle creepy shadowy monsters while discovering the dark secrets locked away in a creepy old house.

In Bloodshot you explore a household where some very bad things have happened. You start off unarmed, but refreshingly for a first person horror adventure these days, you soon come across a handgun which you can use to fend off the monsters. Those monsters are an excellent piece of game design – fast, deadly and very scary. They always jump out of places you least expect and leave a satisfying amount of blood splatter when you dispatch them.

Bloodshot‘s highly stylized visuals make you feel like you’re exploring a surreal nightmare where there is only light and darkness (and a LOT of blood). The ending can feel like a bit of an anticlimax, but on the whole it’s great game – a tense and terrifying first person horror that allows you to actually fight back against the forces of darkness rather than just running and hiding. Highly recommended blood-soaked horror.

Check Out a Bloodshot Gameplay Video Here

Download Bloodshot Here (Windows)

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