Blopathon – Game Jam Build


IndieQuilt Jam entry Blopathon by Pixel Spill Games brings platform-jumping and target-strategy together in this beat-it-in-30-seconds title.

Players assume the role of a blob (blop?) and jump from floating platform to floating platform in an attempt to collect all of the totems on each level. The difficulty may be changed on the slider at the beginning of each round, and the player takes aim with the arcing crosshair to launch their blob onto the platforms rendered in a delightful pixel art style.

Take caution however, any attempt to launch the blob slightly above an isle will result in a miss and the blob will die. Targets for landing must be made directly onto the sprite of the platform in order for success. IndieQuilt Jam raised money for Child’s Play Charity during its jam life, and the charity itself has raised more than $38 million since 2003 through the game industry.

Download or Play Blopathon in a Unity Suported Browser HERE