Blossom – Game Jam Build Download

Blossom, a stylish musical platformer made for the GDL Jam, sees you collecting a beautiful melody for a silent world.

In Blossom you play as a small robot called Tinker, who knew of the world before it grew silent. This world had wonderful sounds, footsteps, and music. Without these features, the world feels lifeless. Tinker wants to fix that, bringing both sound and light back to the world around you. You must explore the world around you, looking for musical notes to bring life back to the land.

As you find the music notes, not only will sounds be added, but the world will change. New areas will be within reach as blocks pop up and spikes seem to fade away. You will then be able to explore and try to find new musical notes to bring more joy to the world. Tinker is very determined to find the music in the world – and you can help by guiding the robot around.

Blossom has a wonderful concept and really makes you feel like you’re bringing the world to life as you explore and discover now parts of the melody. A charming musical adventure that sings a sweet little tune.

Play or Download Blossom Here (Windows & Browser)