#BLUD – Beta Demo

#BLUD is a beautifully animated action RPG adventure where a young girl sets out to save her friends and stop a vampire apocalypse.

Featuring a superb 90’s Cartoon Network era animation style, #BLUD is a quirky action RPG that follows a high school student called Becky Brewster. Becky is starting at a new school, but she’s also the latest in a long line of vampire hunters. So while going about her day, she’ll also be battling vampires and monsters intent on taking over her new home town.

It’s a very refreshing take on the dungeon crawling action RPG genre with lots of great humor and clever touches (such as you getting your missions through a Twitter-esque social media app). Becky is a lot of fun to hang out with and the animation and writing really captures that 90’s cartoon vibe. Highly recommended.

Download The #BLUD Beta Demo Here (Steam)