Blue Collar Astronaut – Alpha Demo

blue collar astronaut

Blue Collar Astronaut tasks you with piloting an explosion-prone spacecraft in a charming hand-drawn 2D game inspired by Atari Classics such as Lunar Lander, Missile Command, and Asteroids.

Controlling your craft with just three buttons (left, right and throttle), you must pilot it around obstacles (such as space-mattresses), avoid hazards and complete objectives.  It’s a game that’s easy to pick up and play, but will require some skill to master as you aim for better times.

As well as a humorous story mode, Blue Collar Astronaut will also feature lots of unlockable secret game modes and star ratings for each level, which will certainly add to the games replayability.  It’s an addictive game, full of vibrant visuals and fast, fun arcade gameplay that provides that all important one-more-go factor as your ship explodes into smithereens.

Check out the Greenlight page HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)