Blue Hotel – Alpha Demo

blue hotel

Blue Hotel is a essentially cool dance tune infused top down shooter for people who thought Hotline Miami wasn’t hard enough.

Starting from the bottom of the hotel, your aim is to reach the top and break into a vault, making away with an epic payday.  This will be easier said than done though.  Gameplay is similar to Hotline Miami, with fast paced shootouts where a single shot usually means instant death.  It’s much harder to plan your route in Blue Hotel though, as enemies don’t start from the same points each time, meaning each new run throws up new surprises (usually resulting in a bullet in your skull).

Blue Hotel may borrow heavily from Hotline Miami, but it’s still a fun game.  Getting your ass kicked across multiple stories while listening to some kick ass dance music is an enjoyable experience in this fast and bloody top down shooter.

Download the Blue Hotel Alpha demo HERE