Blue Revolver – Alpha Download

blue revolver

Blue Revolver is a 2D top-down bullet-hell shooter inspired by classic games by CAVE and Raizing with a wonderful pixel art style and animation.

You play as a bunny-eared technical genius named Mae, as she fights her way through the army named the ‘Blue Revolver’.  The gameplay and controls are simple and fun, with a nice selection of weaponry – bullets, missiles, a huge laser beam, and bombs.  It utilises an innovative system called the ‘flourish system’, that allows you to ‘lock in’ multipliers and supercharge them for a short time using special weapons for massive point scores.

The level design, animation and fast paced gameplay make for a game fondly reminiscent of classic old-school Cave-style bullet-hell shooters – a fun and challenging game full of retro shmup’ thrills.

Download the Blue Revolver Alpha HERE