Blue Suburbia – Beta Demo

Blue Suburbia is a surreal and beautiful horror experience where you discover short works of poetry and literature within surreal immersive environments.

Currently in development by Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon), creator of Everything is Going to Be OK and Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs, Blue Suburbia is a poetic horror experience that takes a look at the flaws in modern society. Each environment is very different and is home to a different poem/short story and they’re told in different ways (in a little Bitsy game or on the blue screen of death on a computer, etc). The stories focus on struggles and injustices in today’s society, a world that often fails those who most need help. It’s also about strength, survival and hope though, so there’s always a glimmer of light in the darkness.

It’s a mystifying, confusing, stunning and captivating game that does a great job of taking short form writing and placing it in environments that really elevate the experience. A powerful and poignant poetic experience well worth diving into.

Download Blue Suburbia Beta Demo Here (Windows)